An introduction

I want to live a more meaningful life with less. These are the words I heard when I starting reading and listening to ‘The Minimalists’; a couple of guys who tired of the rat race and wanted to change the way they live their lives. I thought that sounded pretty good, but what do they mean?

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

I have always been addicted to ‘stuff’, you know, the latest games, gadgets, clothes, accessories. All the things you are convinced from an early age will bring you joy and meaning. I would crave the latest phone, wowed by all the extra things it would be able to do. The excitement of opening the box and seeing this shiny pebble of happiness staring back at me. After a few days of getting it all set up, perusing the app store and downloading all of these essential little buttons of pure joy it just became the phone that I knew it was, not really all that much better than the last one.

Like a lot of people I don’t use technology to make my life simpler and more productive, but as a way of passing the time. I would sit on a train and play games, or trawl through various social media feeds, oblivious to the world around me. If you look up you would see everyone else doing the same thing. But why? What do we get out of it? The problem is that possessions have come to define me, and to define my happiness. I want to change this and I’m going to start now.